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Irrigation Installation Services for Growers


LS Systems has over 25 years irrigation design and supply experience and has installed  glasshouse and polytunnel irrigation in all areas of protected crops, applying the most uniform application of water over the crop by automation offers not only the greatest efficiency but is labour saving as well. Our team are able to design a system to suit your growing area and crop watering requirements through the latest sprinkler and drip irrigation design programmes that allow us to supply water at its most accurate over a given period of time.

The majority of our designs and installations use overhead sprinkler systems and drip irrigation. The options available by using these are:

  • Overhead spraylines with Micro sprinklers
  • Overhead spraylines with Fogging and humidification nozzles
  • Boom watering
  • Drip irrigation

All the above systems apply water directly to were the crop needs it and have the advantage of offering more accuracy and uniformity than hand watering with a hosepipe. They also offer great savings on the labour aspect as well as being able to be used to water your crops out of normal working hours.

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