Irrigation Water Treatment Service


Deerpoint Group has a proven method for determining the grower’s irrigation water treatment needs.  Our process is simple, and it is tried and true. When a grower with an irrigation water problem (drip plugging due to poor water quality, food safety concerns such as E. coli, or algae for example).

  • We immediately set up a No-Charge site evaluation and send a Deerpoint representative to determine the exact problem.
  • Our technical representative evaluates the site and collects a water sample for analysis in our laboratory, so we can diagnose the problem(s).
  • We prepare a written report with recommendations and a no-obligation proposal for the grower.
  • We review the solution and our approach (our “Program”) with the grower  and obtain the grower’s approval.
  • The Program is then installed by the Deerpoint  service representative. It includes equipment packages geared to feed our Programs.
  • The Program is maintained (analytical monitoring, chemicals, chemical feed rates, equipment maintenance and reports)  at  frequent  intervals (even on a daily basis, if required) to guarantee the performance and cost.
  • The entire Program is conducted by Deerpoint allowing the grower to do what the grower does best – grow their crop.

  • E. coli (food safety concerns).
  • Algae.
  • Bacterial slimes (including iron bacteria).
  • Hard water, liming, and scaling (result of water that contains a combination of high levels of calcium, magnesium, carbonates,  bicarbonates, iron, manganese, silica, alkalinity or high pH).
  • Irrigation systems that are plugged due to the interaction of poor quality water and fertilizers.
... whether it's well water or water from surface canals or reservoirs.

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