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Many clients often face the problem of lost/missing “as-built” drawings or even drawings that do not match the kit that is installed. More and more are looking for a time and cost effective solution to this problem. As part of PROjEN’s range of data acquisition services, PROjEN offers a laser scanning service. Using their Leica ScanStation Laser Scanner, PROjEN can perform data acquisition through laser scanning which is less time consuming, less prone to error and less expensive than more conventional measurement and architectural services.

3D Laser Scanning

The Laser Scanner is simple to use; transmitting a laser beam up to a range of several hundred metres and using the reflection of the beam to generate a “point cloud”. It is this point cloud that creates the image as it is made up of thousands of 3D points which are calculated by the scanner. Using the image or “point cloud” it is then possible to manipulate the information as required. For example, if CAD drawings are required, the point cloud data can be directly imported into a variety of CAD packages, or even graphic packages (e.g. Studio Max), which enable photo realistic rendered views to be produced.

Why Use Laser Scanning?

  • Laser scanning is both cost and time effective and can be used to conduct site surveys - from single vessels to entire plants and factories. The raw data obtained can then be imported into a variety of CAD packages providing accurate as-built data.
  • The data collected is accurate and makes retrofit design projects more accurate by reducing clashes and rework.
  • The data can also be imported into graphics packages (e.g.) Studio Max which enables photo realistic rendered views or fly through presentations.
  • Data imported into graphics packages as well as CAD packages can achieve varying levels of realistic render.

The Benefits of Laser Scanning:

  • Quick and efficient means of gathering 3D data
  • Allows you to obtain accurate data fast and reduces the need for multiple site visits
  • Safety first - no need to work at height
  • Dimensional accuracy
  • Scan provides 360° surround imagery
  • Scans demonstrate accurate height, elevation and distance between buildings/structures
  • Data captured easily imported into CAD packages for easy manipulation
  • Minimal field fit-up, field fabrication and field rework due to accurate survey data

What will PROjEN Do?:

Waste Management – needs more content specifically around recycling eg details from Safety Kleen, Tradebe projects etc

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