Lawn Care Services


Optimise your lawn care with these preventative and lawn boosting service options.

100% Organic Nemaglobe Grub Busters control lawn grubs the natural way. Developed, tested and manufactured by the Environmental Factor, this Steinernema glaserie strain of nematodes is one of the most effective and enduring strains used in the lawn care industry.

A biostimulant has different effects:

  • Stimulates lawn immune system to increase resistance to insects and diseases
  • Improves root development and produces deeper roots
  • Increases nutrient uptake for a better growth
  • Improves drought and stress tolerance


Soil amendments are natural material added to the soil to improve the physical properties of the soil, increasing water- and nutrient-retention capacities and improving aeration and water infiltration. The Fish and seaweed soil amendments also increase drought tolerance and promote root growth for a better resistance to typical lawn stresses throughout the season.

Top dressing with good quality material builds up the quality of the soil over a period of time, sandy soils will be able to retain moisture better and so the lawn will be more resistant to drought, clay soils will drain better thus improving root development. It increases the soil's water and nutrient -retention capacity resulting in increased drought tolerance and better drainage.

Endophyte grass seed varieties provide a natural resistance for surface feeding insects, increase the plants vigor, drought tolerance and reduce the need to apply pesticides.

Aerating allows oxygen to penetrate the soil, restores proper drainage and loosens the soil around the root system. The best times for aeration are before weed germination (April & May) and after the growing season is completed (September). Regardless of when our service providers start, they can either do the aeration at the start of the season or a the end.

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