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In a controlled comparative study with 2 groups of 20,000 hens each, Prabhat Poultry Ltd., India, realized a 2.7% higher productivity, measured in eggs per hen per day, 1.4% lower feed consumption per egg produced, 30% lower mortality of the hens!

These effects account to about 15% more profit on the bottom line, depending on prices for eggs, feed and hens. Please enquire at REDO for more details on the study and its results.

Other REDO customers report even higher savings, e.g. mortality reductions of more than 50% in the case of MELRUI, sociedade produtora de ovos S.A., Portugal. All REDO customers report a payback of the initial investment in a very short time, often less than a year!

How much can REDO technology do for your layer farm? Please use online-calculator to find out and estimate your additional monthly profit with REDO.

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