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The typical farmer has a pond that serves a dual purpose. First, it serves as a water source for his/her livestock. Second, it serves as a fishing pond for recreational use. What the farmer does not always realize is that the pond can be a source of disease for livestock. The reason is that oxygen depletion, which is so common in such ponds, can lead to the growth of harmful microorganisms.


A lack of dissolved oxygen can lead to algae growth and fish kills. The farm pond in effect can morph from a beneficial source of water for animals and fish to a source of disease and death.

Regarding disease, stagnant water containing manure or other excessive organic material can result in the growth of blue-green algae. These algae are known to poison animals. They can cause muscle tremors and liver damage.

Two methods exist to limit water transmission of disease in animals. A primary means is to fence the pond and pump the water to a nearby water trough. The other method is to use an aerator to charge the water with dissolved oxygen. In either case it is critical to the health of the pond that the watershed leading to it is covered with grass, and that no water runoff containing manure or chemicals can flow into the pond.

If a pond is already infected with disease bacterium due to high urine and manure content, it will do little good to use it as a source for the water trough. The need here is to aerate the water. By introducing dissolved oxygen through an aerator, the farmer/rancher can drive out the noxious gases.

Dissolved oxygen also will support the much needed aerobic bacteria population which in turn will digest the manure and other organic debris. Once the bacteria digest these excessive nutrients, they will have effectively removed the food source required to support the blue-green algae and other harmful aquatic plants. The oxygen also will effectively reduce the harmful disease-causing bacteria. Finally, dissolved oxygen will help support a healthy, stress-free population of fish.

Type of aerator used in farm ponds is the self-aspirating aerator such as the Toring TT200. These aerators create a low pressure zone at the end of an air tube beneath the water surface. Atmospheric pressure forces air down the air tube where it is then discharged into the surrounding water.

There are two types of self-aspirating aerators. The older version uses propellers to create the low pressure zone. These propellers also serve as the motive force to disperse the entrained air into the body of water.

While the Toring TT200 falls into the class of self-aspirating aerators, it uses a turbine, not propellers, to create the low pressure zone. It thus sets itself apart from any other aeration device. Our tests show that the Toring TT200 is the most efficient self-aspirating aerator in the market.

The Toring TT200 is an ideal aerator for the farm or ranch pond. It uses a quiet 2-horsepower motor which is strong enough to aerate a two-acre pond in most cases. It has an extremely high oxygen transfer efficiency. It cannot clog and is designed to operate 24 hours per day. It disperses a gentle but effective plume of dissolved oxygen in a 360 degree radius. It also forces dissolved oxygen downward into the lower depths of the pond. Unlike propeller driven aspirators, the Toring TT200 does not roil the bottom of the pond or create a donut mound of disturbed earth at the bottom of the pond. The Toring TT200 can be floated on pontoons, or it can be mounted on the side of a fishing pier.

You should be aware that the air around us contains untold trillions of aerobes which will be pulled into the water through the aeration device. While these microbes might not be as focused on digesting pond organics as those microbes in a special inoculant, they still will do an admirable job of cleaning up the pond. The bottom line is that if you use a microbial blend in your pond, it is best to have an aerator also such as a Toring TT200.

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