Location Management



Streamlining grower and third-party location information is essential in managing day to day tasks. Effective administration of production and storages locations is key to commodity production and inventory management.

All location information can be viewed in a tabular fashion, or can be displayed spatially using integrated GIS tools:

  • Maintain detailed information on production locations at multiple levels including Farms, Fields, and Management Zones along with the ability to perform GIS mapping related tasks.
  • Record crop history records which includes, seeding, fertilizer, crop protection, and field management information for production locations.
  • Monitor agronomic practises and ensure regulatory compliance. Record pesticide application data for each location and compare against chemical compliance reference data.
  • Maintain detailed information, e.g., inventory volumes and attributes, on storage locations at multiple levels; including, storage buildings and bins. View these locations spatially using one of Cengea’s GIS mapping options.

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