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Production logistic includes two aspects: on one hand the capacity estimation during the development of new plants or expansion and on the other hand the production optimisation in existing plants. Both are complex optimisation problems.

Exact Capacity Estimations by Material Flow Simulation

Especially in plant design often thermodynamic simulations are carried out but material flow simulations are neglected. Instead, excess capacities are prepared. A foresighted carried out material flow simulation would however allow estimating the capacity really needed. Those are huge potential savings. Therefore a material flow simulation in plant design should always be carried out in addition to other analysis. 

In operating production plants a material flow simulation allows to follow the material flow and to carry out a debottlenecking. So especially in multipurpose plants a simple production optimisation can be carried out. Often such a debottlenecking through material flow simulation shows that planned plant expansions can be reduced or are totally dispensable. Also here potential savings are huge.

We speak your language!Get Advice from Experts in your Production Optimisation

AICOS Technologies has many years of experience in the industrial practice, here especially but not solely in the area of pharmaceutical and chemical industry. We respond to your question in detail. You get the results of your data analysis in an overall comprehensible report. Within our consulting we particularly highlight which conclusions your data allow to draw (or not). We implement a software solution individually tailored to suit your needs. 

- or do you rather want to carry out a material flow simulation by your own?

Then visit one of our practice-oriented material flow simulation courses . Our material flow simulation software SIMBAXis simple to use and allows you to carry out simulations by your own.

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