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Maintain Services

Your project is finished, and the plant installed and tested. Depending on the kit in the ground, the desludging and servicing frequency will vary (from 6 months to 2 yearly cycles as a guideline). By agreeing to a program of preventative maintenance, you are minimising the risk of problems and environmental contamination.

Forthcoming legislation will be strongly recommending the uptake of such contracts, and the servicing will only be recognised if conducted by an accredited engineer.

At Hutchinson, all our engineers are accredited by British Water to very high standards, and our record of unobtrusive and trouble-free maintenance for our clients speaks for itself.

We will advise you on how often to service the plant, how often to desludge the unit, and the ongoing costs of such a service. Our engineers are committed to being efficient at providing a high quality service, at a very reasonable cost. Full details of the levels of service contract, and your specific needs can be obtained through the office, or by enquiring online.

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