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When it comes to things we know we should do yet never seem to have time to get to it, exercise comes to mind first for most of us; for growers, it's preventative maintenance. We've all been told that proper maintenance prevents problems and by planning it during periods where the equipment is not needed, we can ensure their top performance when they are needed.

Maintenance will not only help the efficiency and profitability of the facility, it can also serve as a stress management tool! Nothing is more frustrating than a heater that just won't start when you need it and nothing is as irritating as a creaking rack & pinion system you hear all day long as the vents open and close to manage the temperature. Sounds familiar? We're here to help!

Our maintenance team can repair and maintain your equipment and greenhouses. We can respond to unexpected breakdown or put you on our preventative maintenance list so you won't have to think about it. At regular intervals, we will take an appointment to visit your greenhouses and ensure your equipment are ready to serve.

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