Maintenance Services


A top quality installation deserves good maintenance. When it comes to maintenance concepts ‘Cost of ownership’, ‘throughput’ and ‘yield’ are important starting points to us. Cost of ownership are costs, which you have to bear to obtain the best out of your equipment. These costs consist mainly of spare parts and man hours and are costs which you will want to keep as low as possible while keeping the operational readiness of your equipment at the highest level.

This connects directly to throughput and the confidence that you will be able to achieve your daily production targets. You must be able to trust your equipment and you need to be able to supply your customers with the right products at the right time.

Yield is about the revenue from your production lines. Just think of fillet yields, giblet yields and reducing chilling losses as much as you can. 

We see it as our common goal to find the optimum balance between these factors. Together we determine the right combination of service products, to achieve your desired objectives.

A well thought out service plan from Marel Poultry ensures that your equipment continues to run at optimum efficiency. You can achieve a lower total cost of ownership, guarantee your throughput and obtain more yield per product.

The result is an increase in your total revenues.

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