DMC International Imaging Ltd (DMCii)

DMC International Imaging Ltd (DMCii)

Managed Services


In addition to on-demand imaging services, DMCii also offers a unique managed service option for satellite imaging, providing immediate low cost entry to organisations requiring regular reliable imaging capability. DMCii owns and operates the advanced imaging satellites, and leases long-term imaging capacity to its customers.

High Resolution Optical 

DMCii offers a commercial direct downlink from the UK-DMC2 satellite to the customer’s own groundstation.  This delivers near real-time high resolution 22 metre multispectral imagery with a 650km swath. The data is ideal for monitoring rapidly changing agriculture, deforestation, seasonal land cover change, and emergency events such as fires and floods.

Very High Resolution Optical

DMCii has commissioned construction of a constellation three 1 metre GSD satellites to deliver daily repeat imaging capability direct to the customer’s groundstation.  The service will commence in 2015, and complements the current 2.5metre pan/ 5 metre multispectral on-demand imaging service.Synthetic Aperture Radar (SAR)

DMCii will offer a managed imaging service from the new NovaSAR satellite, which will launch in 2015.  The service offers multiple imaging modes which range from 30 metre resolution to ship detection mode with simultaneous AIS (Automated Identification of Shipping).

Future Sensors

DMCii is uniquely able, through the innovative capabilities of its parent company SSTL, to structure a cost effective managed imaging service with a sensor capability designed to meet the specific needs of the end-users.

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