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We are committed to be a world class manufacturer in everything that we do. Our ability to reinvest in the company, seeking new and innovative ways to improve our internal processes is the backbone of our success and overall competitiveness globally.

GMP Metal Products is a contract manufacturer of quality metal stampings.  GMP has capabilities in several areas, including:

  • Heavy tonnage stampings. GMP’s larger presses are capable of producing parts requiring up to 1500 tons.
  • Deep draw parts. Deep draw parts are produced using both mechanical and hydraulic presses.  A few examples of deep drawn parts are rear skid loader door (1500 ton mechanical) and engine oil pans (750 to hydraulic press).
  • Parts requiring large press bed sizes. Some large parts require heavy tonnage and large bed sizes.  Some large parts do not require much tonnage, but because they are large in size they require a large bed size.  GMP has bed sizes that range up to 132” x 84”.
  • Clutch/separator plates. This family of parts is produced primarily for the agricultural industry.  These parts are not just standard flat stampings.  Separator plates require a high degree of flatness and controlled edge condition.
  • Press brakes. GMP has extensive press brake capabilities including a 300 ton, 8 axis CNC brake.
  • Two axis lasers and turret press capabilities.  As a compliment to stamping capabilities, GMP also has laser (up to 5200 watts) and turret press capabilities.  These machines can be used to produce unique/developed blanks that are used in subsequent stamping operations, eliminating the need for and expensive of a blanking die.  The machines are also used to feed GMP’s press brakes and to produce finished flat parts.
  • Manual and welding capabilities.  GMP offers welding as a compliment to its stamping capabilities. GMP’s welders are certified to AWS D14.3/D14.3.   GMP has three automated weld cells.
  • Ring seal production. GMP’s uses a unique manufacturing cell to produce a family of specialty products called “ring seals”.  These are produced for the construction industry.  A ring seals is a circular steel band which is an integral part of a seal in a hydraulic system.

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