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Manure and Digestat Processing


Abucon Environmental Technology supplies installations for the agrarian sector. Attenuation installations can be a good source of income but this does not solve the manure problem. Agrarians are continually seeking opportunities to favourably sell manure or the digestat which is not required for personal use. A good and durable solution to this is separation of the manure or digestat to then be able to sell the different parts separately.

The options for manure/digestat separation are:

  • Decanting centrifuge
  • Screw press
  • Rotary drier, drying-belt
  • Ultrafiltration
  • Reverse osmosis
  • Hygienising

The residual powers can then be sold by:

  • Export abroad
  • Using the thin fraction as liquid fertilizer substitute
  • Drying the thick fraction and using it in granular form for fertilizer
  • Using the dried fraction as fuel
  • Discharging as clean water to ditch or drain

Through astute combinations of different forms of manure processing in combination with remunerative sales options, the manure problem can be changed into an extra source of income. Through investments in a personal manure processing installation, cattle owners and pig concerns can ensure manure sales for long periods, and thus increase the yield from their company.

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