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Manure & Fertilizer Analysis

Composting manures is a common way of managing crop and livestock waste and at the same time providing a great slow-release source of NPK and organic matter. The best thing about composted manures and organic materials is that the nutrients are already in the correct balance for plant use.  Producers in the agricultural industry, recognise the value of manure, both as a fertiliser and a soil conditioner; but is has no real market value. As a result, many farmers are trying to dispose of their manure as cheaply as possible and on as small a land mass area as possible.  The Department of Environment and Climate Change is placing strong pressure on all industries to reduce the production and disposal of wastes (Waste Minimisation Act). Manure products that are correctly composted when applied to soil will primarily add organic matter, which helps soil retain moisture and structure which prevents compaction, and ultimately helps prevent nutrients from leaching away.The use of manure helps to maintain the organic matter content of the soil which can improve soil structure and water infiltration thus minimising the potential for soil erosion.

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