Manure Treatment Services


Nationally and internationally, there are regions where all manure cannot be used as economic fertilizer in an ecological way. Manure treatment with the aim of nutrients reduction is an economic example that can ease the problems caused by extensive livestock farming. Manure as a highly concentrated multi substance mixture is then a challenge for the process engineering.


System S&P combines reliable technologies to an innovative and economically interesting process. System S&P uses mechanical, biological and wet-chemical processes that are individually adapted to the requirements.

A first step in the System S&P process is the mechanical separation of solids by suitable manure separators. The solids can be composted and then used as fertilizer. System S&P uses only reliable systems of well known manufacturers.

After this, a special combination of denitrification and nitrification follows, developed specifically by System S&P. The heart of this biological step is the modular System S&P rotating immersion disk technology. By an optimized process, the treatment efficiency through the rotating immersion disk biology is maximally achieved.

Depending on the required outlet values, System S&P additionally uses a chemical oxidation process to reduce non-biodegradable substances.

System S&P offers its clients the possibility to receive a noncommittal offer for a required wastewater treatment plant.

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