Materials Management Services and Integrated Solutions


Connexion offers a variety of logistical solutions that can address the unique needs of our customers. In today’s ultra-competitive environment, speed, efficiency, flexibility and accuracy are essential for our clients to be successful.

Priority Delivery Service
The high labor cost of our installers makes it essential for on time, accurate jobsite deliveries. Our logistics services are flexible and dependable.

Job Site Services
The demands for each job site are unique and Connexion’s on site services are designed to help our clients in managing unique site conditions.

Priority Delivery Service for Commercial / Industrial Clients
Connexion recognizes that our commercial and industrial clients’ supply needs have economic implications. Our reliable, on-demand services ensure that critical orders will arrive accurately and on time, helping to ensure minimum downtime.

Material Handling
Connexion has a variety of material handling services that can manage materials in a controlled environment. Whether a contractor’s jobsite or an industrial plant operation, our preparation and set up services are key components to making a project run efficiently and cost effectively.

Wire & Cable Management
Wire and cable often represent a large investment on construction projects, both in the cost of cable and the labor it takes to install it. There is also risk associated with the volatility of commodities. Connexion wire management solutions are designed to save our customers time, money, and mitigate risk while improving on site safety.

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