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BioWatt Ltd.

Micro/Small Scale In-Vessel Composting Solutions



Expertise in Small Scale In-Vessel Composting: We have extensive experience working with small producers of organic waste to convert their materials into compost or other useful products through composting or biogas solutions. Our engineers have worked with zoos, sewage treatment plants, shopping centres, theme parks and large restaurants to provide a cheaper than landfill solution to organic wastes.

BioWatt designs and builds small in-situ composting and biogas solutions for all types of organic wastes – from kitchens, canteens, tourist attractions, zoos, hospitals, growers, packers and processors etc.


We’re often presented with problem materials that currently do not have a processing solution – take for example disposable nappies or grits and screenings from the waste water industry. We can work with you to develop new designs, processes and IP to be rolled out as part of a wider business plan. This can done on the basis of having a specific project or on a more general basis with practical application, trialing and roll out coming later. To explore any of these solutions further, please contact us directly.

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