Milk Quality Total Bacteria Count Services



GEA Farm Technologies helps dairy producers around the world achieve better milk quality by controlling the total bacteria count in the milk. Our integrated services enable us to work in the three major areas affecting total bacteria count and allows the dairy producer to achieve his/her milk quality bonus.

1. Equipment Cleaning and Disinfection
More than just detergent solutions affect the equipment hygiene. We address all the CIP cleaning factors, chemical and mechanical ones alike: chemical balance, equipment drainage, turbulence, temperature, volume, and cycle times. Our dealer network Sales Consultants perform washing evaluations on site, using special diagnostics tools, and provide recommendations that they monitor for optimal equipment cleaning and disinfection.

2. Pre-Miking Hygiene
The procedures before milking also have an influence on total bacteria counts in the milk, and good products alone are not enough. GEA Farm Technologies Sales Consultants help milking operators establish milking routines that promote milk quality coupled with product offerings  that range from scientifically proven formulations to related dairy supplies. 
3. Milk Cooling
As soon as the milk leaves the cow, bacteria start to grow exponentially. Effective cooling is a must to maintain milk quality and lower bacteria counts. Our trained technicians can perform an evaluation of your cooling system to ensure that it promotes milk quality through lower bacteria counts. Our trained technicians can also make recommendations for equipment upgrades, giving
you different options according to your individual needs whether they go from a simple repair to a complete instant milk cooling and storage system.

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