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Mineral Nitrogen Tests Services


Nitrogen sampling offered by us is precise and can be repeated at any time. When performed again, samples are drawn from the same areas, which results in a more accurate reflection of changes in variability.


Our soil monitoring system allows for:

  • proper balance of nitrogen fertilization
  • lower fertilizer expenditures
  • normalization of nutrient consumption
  • reduction of environment pollution

The basic service consists of:

  • precise soil sampling with appropriate probes
  • delivering samples and documentation to Agricultural Chemicals Inspection Station
  • GPS measurements and mapping
  • generating contour maps of nutrients and variability (A3/A4 format)
  • CD with maps in PDF and SHP files

  • Nitrogen-oriented soil sampling is performed with MultiProb equipment automatically dividing soil into three layers: 0–30, 30–60 and 60–90, packed in separate boxes.
  • Samples are drawn from area not larger than 4 ha. Points of sampling are established by the field computer navigating the probe.
  • Gather and tagged samples are then analysed in Agricultural Chemicals Inspection Stations.

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