Mobile Service

Our mobile service truck is ready to dispatch for on-site service by our factory-certified specialist and is equipped with the latest in computer diagnostic technology.

What is Ready-to-Mow?
Now preventative maintenance is reduced to its simplest form - you call, we come. A factory-trained service technician will bring our 12-point service right to your doorstep, much like a doctor who makes house calls.

What are the benefits of Ready-to-Mow Service?
The word convenience says it all. You can say good-bye to searching for the right tool to get the job done or lugging your mower to a service center and waiting for your mower's return. A Ready To Mow technician will come to your home in a custom designed van to service any make of lawn mowing equipment. The custom design of our van allows the technician to perform the maintenance inside the trailer so there's no mess on your driveway or in your yard.

What's included with this service?

  1. Inspect belts for wear, adjust tension.
  2. Clean engine compartment.
  3. Replace spark plug(s), adjust gap.
  4. Inspect or replace air filter.
  5. Check battery voltage and continuity.
  6. Change and dispose of oil and replace filter.
  7. Grease axle and mower spindles.
  8. Test operation of safety systems.
  9. Check tire tread and pressure.
  10. Clean built-up debris from under mower deck.
  11. Sharpen blades, check balance and straightness to avoid vibration.
  12. Test operation of brakes, carburetor and transmission.

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