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This new monthly report provides an in-depth analysis of the nitrates market and is designed to give subscribers a detailed overview of the current supply/demand, cost and price situation for UAN, AN and CAN with rolling price forecasts looking up to 12 months ahead. Nitrates have been out of the spotlight in recent years, while the growth story of the urea market grabs all the headlines. But there is a surge of new UAN capacity coming on-stream in the US from 2016 and this will have a major impact on global UAN trade. There is growing AN demand in the FSU and CAN consumption is forecast to hold its place in an increasingly competitive environment for nitrogen. Understanding the dynamics of the nitrates markets has never been more important.

This new report will help you to:

  • Understand nitrate pricing
  • Identify market opportunities
  • Manage your financial risk
  • Develop business strategy

Coverage includes:

  • UAN/AN/CAN Demand
  • UAN/AN/CAN Supply
  • Nitrates Market Outlook
  • Nitrates Prices
  • Forecast Prices
  • Natural gas costs
  • Production costs
  • Data File
  • Price Graphs
  • Short-term Historical Price Series
  • Projected Trade Balances for UAN/AN/CAN

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