Farmers of North America (FNA)

MPower Rewards Service

The MPOWER Cash Rewards System ends our practice of publishing the subsidized Member price, and instead the real competitive market price will be the price provided on MPOWER eligible products. After all the bookwork is complete to calculate the savings Members have generated through volume, logistics, currency risk, management and marketing, the MPOWER Cash Rewards System will pay cash onto each Members' own MPOWER Prepaid MasterCard

The MPOWER Cash Rewards System was designed with your profitability in mind, and in the process it achieves so many other things. MPower:


  1. Preserves Your Value
    The industry, as a whole, will not fully understand the bonus savings our Members receive with MPOWER Cash Rewards. In addition to your competitive pricing, additional cash will be given back to you through the MPOWER Prepaid MasterCard ®, further preserving your Member pricing.
  2. Eliminates Free-Riders
    Competitive pricing is one thing, but cash back takes Member Value to a whole new level. With cash back, non-members will only assume they are getting the best price, whereas Members WILL get the best price - guaranteed!
  3. Removes Guessing
    Suppliers will no longer have to estimate and build in margin for risk (freight fluctuations, foreign exchange, sales volumes, etc). Instead, FNA calculates the additional benefit and provides it back to Members at regular intervals.
  4. Makes Room For More Value Creation
    More and more suppliers will be and are coming on board, knowing that final FNA Member pricing is not disclosed publicly. The true value of this exclusive Membership is never disclosed and remains intact to preserve savings and encourage other suppliers to join.

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