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Nematological Analyses



In our laboratory we conduct different nematological analyses. Most of all soil and roots are being analyzed. Besides this also water and bulbs can be analyzed.

Nematodes in soil

Before planting you can analyze the soil to see if it is free from nematodes. You can then decide wether it is necessary to apply a treatment against nematodes. When there are bad spots in the field you can also analyze the soil to see if there are plant pathogenic nematodes present. This way you know if the problems are caused by nematodes. When you do a preventive analysis it is best to sample 2 or 3 times in a year or between different crops. A nematode analysis will take 2-4 days.

Nematodes in plant material
Plant parts that are usually analyzed for nematodes are roots, leaves and bulbs. Leaf nematodes can cause damage in many different plant cultivars. Damage can look like mite damage or infection by fungi. Root nematodes can cause damage to the roots which can easily lead to infection by secondary fungi and bacteria. Bulbs can be analyzed to determine if they are free from nematodes. This analysis takes 2-4 days.

Nematodes in drain or basin water
Drain and basin water can be analyzed on nematodes. We have a special method which uses 100 liter of water that will run through 5 sieves. Nematodes will stay on the sieves. The nematodes will then be flushed of the sieves, counted and identified with a microscope. 

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