Schurco Slurry

On Site Services


Schurco Slurry Field Engineers and Technical Support Engineers are always on call to respond to process issues with our customers. Site visits for startups and shutdowns are standard operating procedures for Schurco Slurry® and our authorized distributors.

System Downtime Reviews:

At customers’ requests we are happy to conduct system downtime reviews that look into root causes of inconsistent downtimes, unexpected maintenance issues, and general process well-being check-ups.

Our customers find these reviews from an outside party to be helpful in identifying areas for process improvement, potential process change, and highlighting where processes are running smoothly. The recommended changes are always done so to provide added value to the customer, reduced life-cycle cost of a product and/or process, and reduced schedule impacts across the plant.

Seal Water Reduction Reviews:

We know that water usage is a ever present concern in today’s operating environments.  For that reason Schurco Slurry® has incorporated several low-flow seal options that can replace many existing seal arrangements in plants.  A seal that typically uses 8gpm of water on a full-flush gland can often be reduced to 1gpm or lower using our low-flow seals.  This can immediately realize almost $7,000 in savings over a year (using rates for public utility water).  Multiply this across 30 pumps and you have $210,000 in water savings per year!

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