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Smaller companies can now leverage the power, speed, and accessibility of the Internet to provide a lower-cost solution to their software needs. The same multi-million dollar software solutions developed by Fortune 50 companies are now available to smaller companies at a tiny fraction of the cost. Instead of building an infrastructure to support an enterprise-wide software solution, these companies can use their existing Internet connection to distribute a data management system and provide a single interface for data collection.

A subscription to an Ex3 Online application instantly provides this distributed software to your workforce, no matter where they may be located. The software you will use is hosted at our corporate server farm, and is already up and running for other companies. If your clients can use Internet eMail, you won't have to invest a dime in hardware costs to be able to run the application on every desktop in your company.

Your subscription includes access to the core functionality of the application, customization of which fields your company requires, and the ability to expand the core functionality to include more modules. For example, EHS Online includes five modules that comprise the base functionality of the application. You can choose from almost a dozen more modules to include, based on the needs of your company.

The cost of your subscription is comprised of an initialization fee, a monthly fee based on a corporate census of heads under management, and a base fee for each additional module you purchase. Based on the number of records your company population is likely to generate, we calculate how many resources (servers, software licenses, help desk support) will be needed to support your subscription.

Altogether, Ex3 Online applications provide a low-cost, immediately deployable, and thorough software solution for your enterprise needs. In as little as a week, we can have your company up and running on an Ex3 Online application.

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