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American Structures, Inc. utilizes computer-aided drafting for plan preparation and review. We can readily fabricate structural steel, such as I-beams, columns, lintels, and bollards for commercial building needs, as well as handrails and stairways. Our machine shop has the equipment available to complete a wide variety of tasks for its customers, including cutting, punching, tapping, forming, and shaping sheet and plate metal. We will also complete production runs of metal products and components, such as items crafted from carbon steel and aluminum.

We have a hydraulic 4-roll double pinch machine for forming sheet and plate steel into cylinders or cones and a CNC 40-ton hydraulic hole-punching machine, which can be programmed to punch, notch, and nibble stainless or mild steel.

We have a shear for cutting steel, and a hydraulic press brake for bending steel. We can also provide electric, arc, mig and tig welding, which covers all metals. Our machine shop also has the capability of milling, cutting, boring, threading, etc.

Standards and Warranties
American Structures, Inc. designs and builds its tanks to meet or exceed AWWA, NRCS, ACI, and agricultural engineering standards. Our tanks are SCS approved, and meet standards for both potable and non-potable water and waste materials.

Our tanks come standard with a five-year warranty, which exceeds the industry standard of one year.

Pre-Owned Structures
Besides our primary service of manufacturing and erecting custom-built stainless steel bolted tanks, American Structures, Inc. is also in the business of buying, selling, tearing down and re-erecting pre-owned silos, slurry tanks, and other tanks. We can also add stainless steel rings to existing tanks for expansion purposes.

American Structures, Inc. also has pre-owned Harvestore and Slurrystore tanks available for sale, as well as silo storage units with unloaders. American Structures, Inc. is well experienced in the design and incorporation of concrete into its tank work; in fact, it is quite common for American Structures, Inc.'s jobs to involve the inclusion of concrete footings, foundations, or walls.

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