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Therapeutic: PAPER BEDDING and cardboard animal bedding has been developed in recent years in association with leading vets, owners and trainers - it has now been proven to have outstanding beneficial and therapeutic qualities. Traditional materials (straw or shavings) contain various allergens. These may be particles of dust, chemicals, fungi spores, parasites, weed seeds etc.

Dangerous particles

These particles when inhaled can cause broken wind (emphysema or chronic obstructive pulmonary disease) and can lead to broken blood vessels, sinus problems and chronic coughs.


Paper bedding machinery

Output based on operators skilled in the art using dry, clean o/i sorted newsprint at hand.

Breaker fan
2.2 kW (3 h.p.)
3 blade turbo fan (designed to break and fluff up material).

Dust extractor
4 bag 2 up 2 down
10.48 cu ft capacity

Baling press
305 mm x 610 mm feed opening.
Perforated chamber full airflow.
5-second cycle over 610 mm.
Hydraulic adjustable chamber from 15 kg to 30 kg bale weight.
Fully automatic with cut-off switch.
Fitted with replaceable floor.

The EP1 Plant has a production rate of approx 500kg pr hr.
The EP2 Plant has a production rate of approx 750kg pr hr.
The EP3 Plant has a production rate of approx 1,500kg pr hr

All plants are designed and manufactured by us with full airflow and dust extraction for Paper, Cardboard and Magazines.

Bale weight can be adjusted up to 35kg if required, but average is about 25kgs. Paper Bedding has been developed in recent years in association with leading vets, owners and trainers, it has outstanding thermal qualities and is highly absorbent. When baled into polythene bags it is easy to handle and can be stored outside, the polythene is of a non-slip compound which in turn gives a nice neat flat sided bale.

The same baler as with Paper can also be used for wood chip the bailing rate of this plant is 2,000kgs pr hr, it is cyclone fed and dust extracted, transportation of material is by air fan and can be adapted to any source of supply, the bailing process is the same as for paper. All specifications and costs are supplied on request as is management notes for Horses, Cattle, Pigs and Poultry.


Bale size

Finished bale size
Approx. 305 x 460 x 770 mm.
Approx. 4,575 mm long, 2,440 mm wide, 2,287 mm high.
This is a full airflow, dust-extraction, paper bedding plant designed and manufactured by us for the manufacture of packaging and bedding for race horses, cattle, pigs and poultry.

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