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In a greenhouse complex, there's always work to be done. Minor repairs, routine maintenance and upgrades are an ongoing part of operating a greenhouse. Harnois is here to help. Structural components, motors, wirelock, vent cranks, roof coverings and many other parts are readily available and simply a phone call away. If you own a Harnois greenhouse, and need parts assistance, please locate the following information before contacting us, so we can better assist you in correctly identifying the part you wish to repair or replace.

  • The model and the year of purchase of the greenhouse:
    Our greenhouses are very long lasting. Some models have evolved over time! This information will help us to provide you the proper parts you need.
  • The part number that you wish to order:
    Part numbers are found in the plan booklet you received when you purchased your greenhouse. If you no longer have the planbook, contact us and we will send you a free copy.

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