Relab den Haan

Relab den Haan

Pathogen Detection and Analytical Services for Flower Bulbs Growing



When you are growing flower bulbs on water culture we can offer you our services.  Especially our experience with plant pathogens can help you to keep the fungi and bacteria pressure low. Disinfection of water A clean start is the basis of every cultivation. Make sure the trays are clean. The irrigation water can be disinfected during the cultivation with hydrogen peroxide. 

Because of the perfect circumstances for bacteria and fungi during the cultivation (like good temperature, water flow and nutrients) there are often problems with these pathogens in the cultivation of for example tulips. A “colony forming unit count” gives a good indication of the amount of bacteria and fungi present in the water. When there are a lot of pathogens there will be a competition with the roots of the bulbs for nutrients. The roots can also become slimy. When plants are dying you can test the water with the DNA-Previscan on the most important pathogenic fungi.

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