Relab den Haan

Relab den Haan

Pathogen Detection and Analytical Services for Greenhouse Vegetables Growing



The growth of greenhouse vegetables can take place on rock wool or in soil. The fertilization is different, the diseases can be the same but the treatment can differ. With the increase of size of the companies in especially greenhouse vegetables it becomes more important to know what happens in your crop. This means taking samples more often and sample preventively for diseases before symptoms appear.


The fertilization schemes for greenhouse vegetables are dependent on the growth stage. For example in tomato cultivation we take into account the number of trusses and adapt the fertilization scheme to it. In cucumber and sweet pepper the fertilization is based at the beginning of the cultivation to the vegetative growth and later to the generative growth. In the growth of lettuce the season is taking into account.

Plant pathogens

With the Previscan you can monitor the disease pressure during the cultivation in the drain water. This test analyses on 9 pathogenic fungi. You will have the results the next day

Historical overview

When you want to take a look at the analyses that has been done, you can easily do this with the AMP program. This program is for free and it includes graphs to see the differences in time.


Samples are being analyzed to determine if growth circumstances are suitable for optimal growth. Circumstances have to be optimal to prevent growth inhibition, especially when drain water is being recirculated. You can read interviews with a few consultants about recirculation and sodium in the root environment when you follow the under mentioned link.

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