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Is you equipment performing at full capacity? Are you using your labor force in the most efficient way? How much could be saved reducing energy consumption? Uncover insights into your facility and people performance critical to your bottom line. Pennent® Advisors can help you implement Modeling to analyze your mill’s equipment capacity and labor utilization. Begin a continuous improvement path that will help you succeed. Make confident, effective decisions based on best practices, deep industry knowledge and the latest technology. Understand how your operation stacks up against a global milling environment. Pennent Modeling is one more way we can help you succeed.

A Pennent® Modeling customer since 2008, Star Milling of Perris, California, has reduced labor costs by 22% and increased equipment capacity. The result has been hundreds of thousands of dollars saved each year.

“Modeling is great for determining budget and costs. It’s Hi-Pro’s baseline for ongoing continuous improvement. Modeling our common language, for example capacity utilization and tons per hour. We use Pennent Modeling for analysis of large project and combining operations, “ Jeff Dykstra, COO of Hi-Pro Feeds (Manitoba, Alberta, British Columbia, New Mexico, Texas and Oklahoma)

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