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Personalized Customer & Technical Services


It is because of our customers that we exist. It is Troutlodge's mission to maximize our customers' business potential by providing the highest quality, disease-free products in the world - supported by personalized customer and technical services. We seek to add value with every interaction.

Informed Decisions
The service starts with providing thorough and useful information about our products and services to prospective customers. This allows them to make informed decisions that are best for their business. Everyone at Troutlodge is an expert on trout eggs, and we use this expertise to answer customer questions and to encourage the use of best practices for rearing trout - from handling of eggs all the way through to the harvest of the fish.

Accurate Order Taking
The next step is taking the order. Troutlodge's dedicated Logistics Team works to ensure every order is taken accurately, and that any special requests from customers are fulfilled. Troutlodge works closely with the customer to ensure the proper approvals are in place in order to import eggs into their respective state or country.

Expert Packaging
Our experience in shipping eggs across the globe to countries near and far helps ensure that your eggs will arrive in time and in perfect condition. All eggs are carefully packaged into an insulated box specially designed for the transport of eyed salmonid eggs. In addition, each batch of eggs is hand-picked to maximize the quality of every shipment, meaning you will get more fish for every egg you order.

Follow-Up And Education
Once the eggs are at your farm, Troutlodge stands ready to assist in any way we can - whether by phone, e-mail, or a personal visit to your farm - in order to help you realize the benefits of the Troutlodge Advantage™. Troutlodge also regularly puts on seminars on various topics of importance in the trout industry, in order to help our customers be better educated, more efficient, and more productive farmers.

Worldwide Representation
Troutlodge also maintains a network of Authorized Representatives that provide personalized service tailored to the needs of their market - whether it is customs assistance, technical services, or more.

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