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Animal cooling systems are economical to install, reduce heat stress and increase animal appetite and activity. Temperatures above 30oC (86oF) can reduce pig fertility, appetite and feed utilization efficiency, as well as causing the animals’ stress levels to increase. Installing a pig cooling system is a low cost method of reducing temperatures.

Access's pig cooling systems consist of spray lines, normally located over the pigs’ rest areas and away from the feeding area. By locating the nozzles over the rest area, pigs are discouraged from dunging in the feed area. The regular spray action of the nozzles not only ensures the pigs are kept cooler and cleaner but also encourages the pigs to move around, increasing feed conversion.

Spray lines are manufactured from polythene, so they are easy to install and maintain. One nozzle is normally located over each bay and the pipes can be suspended from a straining wire if necessary. Half circle and full circle nozzle options are available depending on the pig house configuration.

The pig cooling system is controlled using a sophisticated controller with temperature measurement. Spray duration and interval can be set, as well as a daily operating window. A temperature set point can also be entered; ensuring cooling only takes place on warmer days. The control system can be used to operate a number of different pig houses.

Water supplies for animal cooling systems normally come from the mains, and these are fed through a break tank to ensure compliance with the water regulations.

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