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Pilot Plant Data Services


There are numerous methods and products available for gathering and presenting operational data. Many are overly complex and require excessive time for implementation and are cost prohibitive. Intuitech specializes in providing simple and cost effective data handling solutions.  

For systems that require PC based monitoring and control Intuitech provides a rugged industrial PC with a proven track record. This fifth generation industrial PC, the rDACV, is one of the smallest and most powerful data acquisition tools available.


Every Intuitech pilot plant can be equipped for automatic operation as well as automatic data logging. Through our remote access pilot plant control systems, data can be retrieved via the internet from anywhere in the world. We offer an array of connectivity options including: DSL, Broadband, Cellular Internet, and Satellite Internet.

Intuitech also offers data retrieval services where our technicians periodically log onto your pilot plant’s control system, retrieve the current operational data, and email you the collected data in a presentable format. 

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