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Planned Maintenance Service


In large capacity plants, which are on continuous operations, downtime of the plant and the down time cost are very critical due to the Air pollution equipments like ESP, Bag filters, Material handling Systems etc. The proven method for reducing downtime is systematic and planned maintenance to avoid unexpected breakdowns. Planned maintenance involves activities such as preventive maintenance, condition monitoring etc. In the routine preventive maintenance, we undertake diagnostic study of the plant, design preventive maintenance system such as check points, periodicity of checking, and decide maintenance policies, carrying out maintenance as per schedule, record data and analysis. System perpetually updated for efficiency improvement.

The other part of the preventive maintenance is condition monitoring. In this process, parameters like vibration, sound, temperature etc. are continuously monitored to detect the possible failure in advance and prevent costly breakdowns. We also provide people to implement the designed system and ensure guaranteed working. The specifically developed system as per customer’s need ensures near about cent percent availability of the pollution control equipments of the plant at minimum maintenance cost.

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