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Keeps and tracks feedstock producers’ information about energy crops, program plans, field activities, best practices, land records and real estate transactions. Planner supports biomass establishment, harvest scheduling, delivery, and integrates with financials. Provides easy access to your business data, associated spatial data, maps and reports allowing you to conduct and manage all planning activities quickly and efficiently.

The software identifies which actions need to happen on which locations. What follows are highly practical activity scheduling, budgeting and resource allocation. Maps and related spatial data are combined with the plans to provide a thorough perspective on land-based activities and costs. Additional features include:

  • Scheduling of establishment and harvest activities, including detailed volumetric breakdowns and product analysis
  • Management of planned and actual costs which can be rolled up at various levels to provide detailed financial analysis
  • Interaction with growth and yield models, ability to export, import and store multiple sets of projection data.

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