Aquaculture Technology

Planning and Engineering for Aquaculture


Planning of farming and production systems for freshwater (i.e. sturgeon, catfish, tilapia, trout and charr etc.) and marine fishes (i.e. flatfish, cobia, grouper, bass and bream etc.) as well as shrimps and prawns. Calculation and preparation of economy- and feasibility-studies as well as water- and market analysis, project concepts and proposals etc. Engineering in the field of aquaculture and marine. Construction of hatchery-, nursery-, netcage-, recirculation- and docking-systems. Management and marketing for fish production plants. Education and mediation of professional personnel for aquaculture and fishery. Workshops (for sexing and reproduction or caviar production).

We also developed a new economy-business plan model, based on a table calculation program (like MS Works, Excel or Lotus). You can enter all variables like: feeding rates an conversion factors, survival and selling rates, stocking density and tank sizes, prices etc. and it will calculate approximately forcast growth and stocks, investment and operation costs and all other requirements.

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