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Plant & Crop Disease Testing Services

PocketDiagnostic is a series of easy to use, rapid lateral flow (LFD) on-site test kits for diagnosing commercially damaging plant diseases caused by fungi, bacteria and viruses. Taking the guess work out of disease identification, these lightweight tests give results in minutes.

Primarily for professional users working with protected and field crops requiring speed and accurate on-site results. Pocket Diagnostic puts the control in the hands of the growers for improved crop disease management. They give inspectors and technical advisors greater certainty over advice: saving time and money for clients. They also reduce the need for unnecessary laboratory diagnoses.

PocketDiagnostic diagnose against tree, plant and crop diseases such as Phytophthora (Late Blight), Ralstonia solanacearum (Brown rot),Erwinia amylovora (Fireblight), PythiumPepino mosaic virusPotato viruses and plus many more

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