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Every new plant that is developed has a history behind it. This can be a chance discovery or from a planned breeding programme set up by the plant developer/breeder. It is the plant developer/breeder who decides what is required from the new plant. The plant developer/ breederwill decide the purpose of the plant development/breeding programme.

Why is new Plant Development required?

• Plant development helps to establish that the variety created from the breeding programme is Distinct, Uniform and Stable ,
• Methods of Plant Development:
Plant development has majorly two methods. A) Sexuall B) Asexually

A) Sexual Method:

In this two cells are merged to create a new seed (embryo). This type of plant developmentis most commonly seen in nature. As the cells contributing plants have different qualities, the new plant developed will not be identical to either of the parent plants.

New plant development can be carried out choosing the plants and lines that have the required qualities and then carry out further development and selection to achieve the desired results.

B) Asexual Plant Development

this method is Vegetative Propagation, Vegetative Propagation is used to build up the selected variety, Tissue Culture is also used to develop the selected variety. Gooderham Horticulture will be pleased to assist you with your new plant development and plant breeding programme.

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