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Land Clean own a fleet of Volvo 30 tonne articulated dump trucks. These work in conjunction with our bulldozer, tractor, bowser and excavators. The operators of this plant are all fully trained and hold a current certificate of competence. All plant is available for hire nationwide.

Compost and Soil Processing
At Land Clean our interests have mainly been in the land reclamation field. Bioremediation has been one of the primary focuses of our activities. This involves the mechanical processing of large volumes of contaminated soil. To this end, we own several pieces of robust compost turning machinery that we have specially modified to handle soils.

When compared to a standard excavator, these machines produce high quality compost in less time, for less money. Also, their mode of operation would in many cases obviate the need for a shredding stage to the compost process.

Homogeniser Bucket
The bucket has four, toothed, contra-rotating shafts which break up large clumps of soil and screen out large stones etc. This has the effect of greatly increasing the air space and surface area of the material under treatment. At the same time, it also thoroughly mixes and blends the material.

This piece of equipment has a treatment capacity of up to 80m3 per hour. When the windrows are turned with the homogeniser bucket nutrients, moisture and bacteria can be added.

Temperature and moisture levels can also be controlled by the use of specially constructed fleeces. All of which optimise the biological activity in the soil and speed up the rate of biodegradation of the contaminant.

Rotary Type Windrow Turner
For larger volumes of material that require biological treatment, a larger soil turning machine is required. The Allu 38 can work roughly 800m3 per hour.

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