MASAR Technologies, Inc.

MASAR Technologies, Inc.

Plant Optimization Services


MASAR Technologies offers an in-house plant performance and fouling detection, monitoring and evaluation service for RO, NF, NF and MF membrane plants using our innovative and reliable Silent Alarm early-warning fouling monitoring technology and software system, MASAR - Membrane Alarm System and Automated Reporter. This service can be conducted on a monthly, bi-annual or annual contract basis.


We also provide a one-time evaluation of your actual membrane plant operating data for system fouling and scaling history or potential development, and check its actual performance status. This evaluation service is conducted using your actual operating data from ONE train with 6-12 months of operating history. Train data can be made available in any electronic data file format such as a spreadsheet or database, or directly from the data files of any membrane manufacturer's normalization software program. 

The evaluation costs only $995 (Nine-Hundred Ninety-Five US Dollars)

Data Requirements

  1. Train's membrane system design parameters or standard conditions. 
  2. Copy of original membrane system design projection from the membrane supplier (if available). 
  3. Monthly train operating data (same as required by ASTM D 4516 standard method) 

Data files are accepted in any electronic format such as any membrane manufacturer's normalization program (NormPac, NormPro, RODATA, ROSA, etc.), any database or spreadsheet (MSAccess, dBase, MSExcel, or data files from any membrane manufacturer's normalization software programs. These files can be transmitted via electronic mail, sent on DVD/CD-ROM's, or uploaded on our protected FTP server (we will send you your special user name and password for file uploading). 

Confidentiality of Data
Total confidentiality of design and operating data are guaranteed by MASAR Technologies. We will strictly observe customer restrictions on public access and usage of data and related results based on data analysis for publications, demonstration and promotional purposes, and will secure the customer's advance approval before any such data can be used (anonymously or otherwise) for any other purpose aside from analysis and evaluation. 

Performance & Fouling Status Evaluation Report 
MASAR Technologies will issue, either on a monthly basis, a full plant fouling status and performance evaluation report that will include the following:

  1. Fouling monitoring results summary report including data assessment, fouling status, performance evaluation and trend analysis as well as our recommendations for action if warranted. In case an alarming fouling development trend is detected in the system based on data analyzed, customer will be notified as soon as possible for immediate trouble shooting and other corrective action. 
  2. Performance and fouling monitoring results summary Fouling Monitor (FM), ASTM and MASAR Normalized Product Flows, Salinities and Salt Passages, per stage and overall train. 
  3. Performance and fouling monitoring graph profiles Fouling Monitor (FM), ASTM and MASAR Normalized Product Flows, Salinities and Salt Passages, per stage and overall train. 
  4. Plant & train design and stage standard conditions summary First month only. 
  5. Operating history data summary Feed temperature, feed salinity, feed pressure, product flow, conversion, product salinity, membrane pressure drop and number of membranes on-line, per stage and train. 
  6. Operating history graph profiles Feed temperature, feed salinity, feed pressure, product flow, conversion, product salinity, and membrane pressure drop, per stage and train where applicable. 
  7. Database copies of train's operating data and monitoring results Two MSAcess database files: operating.mdb and masardata.mdb accessible for customer record-keeping data transfer, export and special analyses. 

Service Charges & Discounts

  1. Basic service fee is $975 per train per month ($750 per train per month with annual contract). 
  2. If a 12-month pre-paid service contract is signed, a free 13th month will be included and all historical data of the evaluated train(s) since startup will be evaluated at no additional charge 
  3. Full-time Academic research clients qualify for 25% discount on all service fees. 
  4. Any custom data input/output or custom graph and/or report desired by customer will be quoted on a case-by-case basis and added to above applicable charges. 
  5. Customers electing to purchase a full license of MASAR within one year after start of paid service will be eligible for a $100 per month back credit to be applied as a discount off the applicable license fee, up to a maximum total discount of $1,000 per license purchased. 
  6. In addition, all previously evaluated train data will be transferred to MASAR's database and included in the purchased software license installation package. 
  7. If a license is purchased and monthly evaluation service is maintained by customer for any additional period, the monthly service fees that apply after license is purchased will be discounted by 25% until service termination.

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