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When you have plants with disease symptoms or growth reduction, you can let the specialist of den Haan conduct an analysis on these plants. When you are not sure what causes the problem, we can advise you in the proper kind of analysis.

We can analyze the following pathogens:
-          Nematodes
-          Bacteria
-          Insects and mites or sticky traps
-          Fungi (traditional method and with DNA Multiscan)
-          Viruses

Other research:
-          Disinfection unit check
-          Residue analyses
-          Histological analysis
-          Sediment in drip irrigation system analysis
-          Weed analysis
-          Bud research of flowers
-          Visual analysis

Package information plant pathology research

Besides these standard analyses we can help you with all other problems concerning your crop. When you have problems or questions don’t hesitate to contact us. Telephone number:  0031 (0) 15 750 25 90. E-mail:

Taking samples

When you are collecting plants, insects or other material for analyses it is best to take more then 1 plant or insect. When there is little material for analysis it can cause the wrong diagnosis. Our specialists will investigate the material and look for the primary cause of the problem.

Always send in whole plants when possible. It is best to send in plants that are in a different stage of infection. For instance: just infected plants, moderate infected plants and severely infected plants. Most diseases infect the roots and stem base even when the symptoms are only visible in the above ground parts of the plants. When the plants are too big to send the whole plant, you can send (part of) the rootsystem, the stembase and parts that show symptoms.

Sending in samples

Our sampler collects samples in a few regions in the Netherlands. When you do not live in these regions you can send in your samples with post or courier. Pack the samples carefully to avoid that material is being shifted through the whole box. When you send samples per post it is best to send it to our P.O.-box.


Our specialists can help you with other questions concerning plant diseases like: prevention of diseases, the hygienic measures you can take or carrying out an experiment.  

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