Plant Solutions

Cytozyme’s proprietary product portfolio offers a wide range of solutions for frequently changing farming challenges. Our products target complex metabolic pathways which support the growth and development of organisms, resulting in improved crop production. We develop unique, comprehensive programs to optimize each crop’s potential for producing high-quality yields. Cytozyme’s solutions support crop needs through the entire life cycle, from soil and seeds to plant maturity. This approach strengthens current production while ensuring long-term sustainability.

These products offer nutritional support to promote growth of naturally occurring, beneficial soil microorganisms, leading to improved soil health, reduced soil compaction, and improved soil structure. Selected treatments also supply the microorganisms to facilitate nutrient availability and uptake to the crop.

Liquid and dry product formulations provide essential nutrients which activate crucial enzymes that optimize metabolic pathways necessary for proper seedling growth and enhanced vigor.

Products containing mineral or organomineral components support crucial metabolic pathways, aid photosynthesis, and facilitate antioxidant activity. They support crops during critical stages of plant development by supplying naturally chelated/complexed foliar nutrients to maximize crop production.

Bioactivators aid natural, beneficial microorganisms, which help distribute nutrients in the soil, resulting in improved fertilizer use efficiency. These products allow for the reduction of fertilizer rates while maintaining high yields. Improved fertilizer use efficiency helps to reduce water and soil pollution.

Formulations for specific needs of crop production, including support of fruit quality during maturation and storage, enhancement of crop residue decomposition, and nutritional support for symbiotic microorganisms.

Soil-to-Shelf Solutions
Our comprehensive soil-to-shelf solution programs are developed for each crop, taking into consideration the unique needs and specific soil and climate conditions worldwide. Our crop experts focus on optimizing yield and quality, from soil management, through seed and seedling growth, to plant maturity. Contact us to discuss how we can address your crop’s specific needs.

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