Post Merger Integration Services



Successful M&A-cases seem to take one to two years and they are well planned. Post Merger Integration (PMI) phase is considered to be the most important phase of the deal. In successful M&A cases integration planning is started early and focused heavily. Company culture differences are the number one surprise for the management. Swot Consulting approach is not entirely ”Master Plan” nor ”Facilitation” type. Instead it is something in the ”middle” i.e. Business driven. Business driven PMI focuses the effort around business benefits in general (e.g. revenue maintenance and enhancement, supply chain management, organisational effectiveness) and industry specific key success factors (e.g. product development, customer service, time to market) rather than on the integration process in and of itself. It is also important not to “kill” acquired company innovative “assets”.

  • Integration planning
  • Integration plan reviews
  • Integration program management office services
  • Integration program Change Management services
  • Focus area e.g. SCM integration, Sales Force Merger, etc. services

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