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Poultry Carcasses Removal Services


Negev Ecology in cooperation with the Dolev factory, which specializes in the production of plastic tanks for agriculture and industry, has developed an overall solution to the collection and removal of poultry carcasses from henhouses.

After being washed and disinfected the tanks are delivered to the breeders with biodegradable ecological bags, 60 micron thick, which remain durable throughout the process and prevent contact between the tank walls and the poultry carcasses. The removal of the tank is done by a designated crane truck by lifting and turning over. Following the disposal of the bag, the tank is washed and disinfected and it is ready for reuse with a new ecological bag.

This method constitutes an ideal operational solution for poultry breeders – from the first stage of placing the tanks inside the henhouses, through the removal stage, to the final stage in a regulated authorized site. The process is carried out in accordance with the directions for managing poultry carcasses of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and is supported by the Ministry of Agriculture.

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