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Precise Fertilizer Application Services


VRA (Variable Rate Application) is a more and more popular method of precise fertilizer application. This technology is based on a uniform system gathering data from GPS modules, numerical maps and digital data from soil sampling. The basic requirement for employing VRA are correct GPS measurements and precise soil sampling, which are used to generate numerical field models. Such models contain sampling values allowing to determine nutrient sections with amounts to be applied by the VRA system. The seeding equipment applies the doses prescribed based on earlier measurements and GPS coordinates in real time.


This modern precise application technique can lead to up to 25% reduction of fertilizer expenditures.

We offer precise fertilizer distribution with the use of a complete VRA system. Having gathered data we map nutrient sections and enter the values in the system. Application doses are calculated based on soil sampling and the fertilization plan. The result?

  • cost reduction
  • larger crops
  • comfort
  • environmentally-friendly fertilization

All thanks to our expertise and modern technology. You don’t have to understand it to draw benefits.

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