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N-Viro Systems Canada LP has been marketing N-Viro Soil Amendment in Southwestern Ontario since 1997 and in Nova Scotia since 2007. The majority of N-Viro Soil Amendment has been sold to the agriculture market since it has proven to have the most value to farmers. Agriculture also has the largest market potential. Some product has been used for land reclamation and soil blending as well.

In all markets where it is available, demand for N-Viro Soil Amendment has steadily increased due to the economies of the product and the observable improvement of crops after application. Dramatic price increases in traditional fertilizer products have further ramped-up demand for N-Viro Soil Amendment. Our experience in marketing our product has told us that once a farmer has used the N-Viro Soil Amendment, it becomes a standard product for his fertility program.

The key N-Viro strategies for product marketing are:

Deliver a consistent product to customers

  • High agronomic value
  • Metals content well below standards prescribed by the CFIA
  • Full pathogen destruction
  • Maintain Ag Canada Fertilizers Act requirements

Support the Market

  • Educate farmers on N-Viro soil Amendment vs. other Class B biosolids
  • Provide “Product Use Guides”
  • Promote and deliver quality product
  • Assist farmers in developing soil fertility programs
  • Develop relationships with and support distributors
  • Provide affordable pricing to growers

Marketing Materials
As part of N-Viro’s marketing, a “Product Use Guide” has been prepared for each facility. The product guide provides farmers with details on:

  • Product agronomic values,
  • Test results,
  • A description of the N-Viro technology,
  • Agriculture uses,
  • Landscape, turf and topsoil uses,
  • Land reclamation, and,
  • Research reports.

Farmers are continually looking for input products that will assist them in obtaining high yields of quality produce at economical prices. N-Viro Soil Amendment has been gaining recognition as one such product. In one pass through the field, this unique product supplies macro nutrients (Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium), secondary nutrients (Magnesium, Sulfur, Calcium) and micro nutrients (Boron, Zinc, Copper), organic matter and pH adjustment. Balancing crop needs with traditional fertilizer nutrients after application of N-Viro Soil Amendment has resulted in optimum growth and maturity of many crops.

Product Approvals
N-Viro Soil Amendment products meet the requirements of the Federal Fertilizers Act administered by the CFIA. A product label is prepared for each facility.

This label lists the guaranteed minimum values for all the elements in the product. The label receives a stamp of approval from CFIA when the product has met the regulatory requirements for metals and microbiological levels.

N-Viro is responsible for obtaining a product label at each facility.

Customized N-Viro Product Plan
The marketing plan for product produced by N-Viro represents an opportunity to market to a large distribution network in your area. The map below shows that N-Viro has successfully established a large market in Ontario where product from N-Viro’s facilities in Leamington, Niagara and Sarnia are sold and distributed.  If your facility cannot take advantage of this network, N-Viro will establish a distribution network in your area to esnure the product is sold responsibly and consistently.

N-Viro Soil Amendment was completely SOLD-OUT in Ontario for 2008!
The chart below shows the backlog of product orders to be more than half of the total product shipped in 2008.

N-Viro believes in proactively communicating with the public about its plant and process. N-Viro cooperates to build and implement a Biosolids Communication Program (BCP) with the municipalities who choose the N-Viro process. The purpose of the BCP is to proactively receive and disseminate information regarding biosolids management activities. In addition, this communications program is consistent with area governmental circumstances, land application of Class A biosolids via surface application, public communications regarding related environmental issues, and the degree of current interest in the biosolids management activities taking place.

In conjunction with municipal staff, N-Viro develops a BCP that will:

  • maintain meaningful two-way communication for all interested parties, with special emphasis on the unique challenges and opportunities associated with biosolids,
  • work proactively to inform, educate, and listen to stakeholders on a regular basis, and,
  • manage incidents and situations that might negatively affect public perceptions about active biosolids management activities.

This proactive program will:

  • Build and maintain support on a continual basis, not just when there is a problem,
  • Provide information in a variety of formats, on a regular updated basis, such as reports to Council, site visits, community open houses, fact sheets, and web pages/site linked to the City’s web site,
  • Create and take advantage of opportunities to go beyond informational communication to educate stakeholders and the public about biosolids processes, safety, beneficial reuse, and related issues, and,
  • Provide an opportunity for the public and interested parties to provide input.

Inquiries, complaints, and requests for information from interested parties may take the form of phone calls, letters, emails, faxes, or verbal questions at public events or meetings, all of which will be logged and documented.

When external parties initiate communication, responses will be timely, accurate and on point. This is an opportunity for the BCP to make a good impression by responding to a letter with a phone call, responding to a call with a visit or an invitation to tour the facility.

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