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Protection Scheme Design Services



Services are offered in the analysis, design and commissioning of power system protection schemes. This includes specifying a network / plant protection philosophy document, fault level analysis for protective device selection / settings, instrument transformer selection and a protection co-ordination study. Experience in selection and setting of the major types of relaying principles is offered such as overcurrent, differential and distance.

Modern microprocessor based (numerical) relays offer a wide range of relay characteristics and setting flexibility, in addition to comprehensive communication and control features. At the initial design phase of a project this simplifies protection relay specification. However due to the large number of functions available relay setting and site testing is often problematic and can lead to errors which may jeopardise the power system security and its safe operation. We offer a comprehensive site investigation of microprocessor numerical relays to verify the relay performance meets the requirements of the initial specification. The use of EMTP in conjunction with the latest relay injection testing equipment can allow detailed transient testing of relay performance. EMTP simulation waveforms can be injected into the relay without removing it from the switchgear to verify performance during transient system conditions.

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