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A perfectly smooth coating is applied to all Rosier fertiliser granulars. This coating or protective layer protects the fertiliser during transit and storage and makes for an excellent shelf life. What’s more, the fertilisers are made in such a way that each granular contains all the elements in the same, homogenious proportions. Rosier guarantees that every single granular measures between 2 and 5 millimetres. With the right adjustments, this makes for perfect spreadability and good distribution of each particular nutritional element.

Rosier monitors the quality of its products extremely carefull. A comprehensive quality control system guarantees the correct nutrient content and granular size. Samples are taken at critical points in the production process, so that immediate and satisfactory action can be taken. Existing products are extensively tested and checked in our own laboratory. Here new fertilisers are also developed in collaboration with our parent company’s Research & Development department.

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